University News

London Metropolitan University loses half of its international students

The university has lost hundreds of international students to rival institutions, despite being granted a reprieve Full Story

Social mobility: Universities need to do more says Alan Milburn

Alan Milburn is putting universities at the heart of his blueprint to increase social mobility and break down barriers to success. Full Story

Can universities afford to stay single any longer?

In a tough funding climate, university partnerships seem increasingly attractive. But there are pitfalls Full Story

Online Universities Keep Growing

One of the biggest public university systems in the US has become the latest to join the edX online study project set up by Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Full Story

University of West London launches curry course

A London university is offering students scholarships to become curry chefs. The four scholarships, worth £3,750 and backed by the government, are at the University of West London. Full Story

Student discount: how to save money on your university course textbooks

Textbooks aren't the most exciting use of your student loan. According to a recent survey, undergraduates prefer to splurge their spare cash on clothes, supermarket shopping and, yes, booze. Full Story

Oxbridge rejects new graduate 'report cards'

Oxford and Cambridge have rejected plans to scrap traditional degree classifications in favour of school-style report cards, it emerged today. Full Story

Anton Muscatelli to stay Glasgow University principal until 2019

Glasgow University's governing body has decided to extend the appointment of its current principal by five years after his current term expires in 2014. Full Story

Dundee University awarded £12m for biomedical centre

Dundee University has been awarded almost £12m towards the completion of a centre dedicated to translating research into cures for diseases. Full Story

Does a dean have any say in the running of a university?

In the UK, unlike in the US, it remains fairly difficult to change course if, once you get to university, you change your mind. Photograph: Garry Weaser Full Story

Are British universities really destined for long term decline?

The latest university rankings have prompted another round of questions about the future global distribution of higher education excellence and strength. Full Story

Newcastle University researchers help develop 3D hand sensor

Researchers at Newcastle University and Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSR) have developed a sensor which tracks the 3D movement of the hand and allows the user to remotely control any device. Full Story

University of Surrey wins £35m for 5G centre

The funding bid, made by the University to the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund, for a £11.6 million government grant is underpinned by an extra £24 million from leading mobile operators. Full Story

University graduate finds work as human scarecrow

It sounds like the ideal job - the chance to sit down, read a book and perhaps idly strum a ukulele. But Bangor University graduate Jamie Fox has to do it in all weathers, as a human scarecrow in a field in Norfolk. Full Story